Thursday, October 25, 2012

Feature Idea #10

On ESPN a few weeks ago they told the story of two brothers who played in the NFL that are Muslim and how they are both sitting out this year to go to Mecca for their pilgrimage. Before going to Mecca they are also going around the country to all 50 states driving around in a van talking about their experiences on the field as well as their religion. This could be a good feature story highlighting about their lives as well as their recent adventures.

Feature Idea #9

This week in Texas there was a new stretch of toll road that was opened and it is the fastest road in the US. The speed limit is 85 mph. A feature story could be wrote about the road, highlighting its purpose as well as how enforcement and safety will be a factor for the road.

Feature Idea #8

Another possible story that could come from the election is what celebrities and big name people are supporting who and why. This could talk about the ones who have publicly announced their choice as well as ones who haven't.

Feature Idea #7

It has been a few weeks since there has been any big news about the rover Curiosity on Mars. A good feature story to write right now would be to seen how the rover is doing as well as talk with some of the scientists on the job and see what they have found new so far with the machine.

Feature Idea #6

There was an announcement made by someone high up in the NBA that commissioner David Stern is retiring after 30 years in his position. A feature story could cover how the NBA has changed with him at the helm as well as a profile on David Stern and how he would describe his career.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Feature Idea #5

Nike has recently dropped their endorsement deal with Lance Armstrong and also he has left the Livestrong foundation he started. A story able Nike and how they plan to move on and forget his connection with the company would be a great feature.

Feature Idea #4

The world series will be starting up soon and a feature on some of the more memorable world series as well as telling about both team's histories in the world series would intrigue a wide range of readers.